CEO Message

We continue to seek innovations for a better future.

Since its establishment in 1941 as a manufacturer specializing in optical glass, HOYA has always strived to providing cutting-edge products. HOYA is now expanding its business fields from glass products for semiconductor manufacturing and for HDDs to eyeglass lenses and contact lenses, and further to the medical field including medical endoscopes.

Supporting HOYA´s boundless enthusiasm is its commitment to become the leading company in niche markets with creativity and innovation. This is HOYA´s philosophy, which has been passed down since its establishment. We believe that the existence of HOYA is truly significant only when each one of our products and services is essential for society. To this end, we continue to listen to our customers, aggressively develop new products and invest in new technologies.

Amid the dramatic changes in the global framework, we need to respond flexibly and promptly and seek to create the value needed by society, thereby meeting its expectations. I believe that this is what we aim for at HOYA, and it is our strength. All of us within HOYA will continue to make every effort to be an entity that is selected by our customers and business partners. We look forward to your continued support.

President and CEO
Hiroshi Suzuki

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