1941 Nov.

The brothers Shoichi and Shigeru Yamanaka established an optical glass production plant in the city of HOYA, Tokyo, and production of optical glass began.

HOYA´s First Plant
1944 Aug.

The plant incorporated with capital of 1.2 million yen.

1945 Oct.

HOYA launched crystal products.

Crystal Stemware
1961 Oct.

HOYA listed on the Second Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange.

1967 Apr.

The company launched progressive multifocal lenses.

1972 Dec.

HOYA Started Sales of soft contact lenses.

1973 Feb.

The Company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchanges.

1974 Jan.

The company began production of IC substrates.

1984 Aug.

The company was renamed Hoya Corporation, and the new Head Office building is completed.

1986 Oct.

The company established R&D Center bldg. in the city of Akishima.

1987 Jun.

HOYA launched intraocular lenses (IOLs) as well as aspherical molded-glass lenses.

1989 Apr.

HOYA established HOYA Holdings N.V. of the Netherlands and HOYA Corporation USA to reinforce global management.

HOYA Holdings N.V., of the Netherlands.
1991 Mar.

HOYA launches glass disks for HDDs.

1993 Oct.

First Group's Philosophy of Environment issued.

1995 Jun. HOYA invited first outside director.
1996 Aug.

HOYA formed an alliance with IBM to develop a next-generation glass disk for HDDs.

1997 Apr.

Hoya establishes HOYA Holdings Asia Pacific Pte Ltd, as the third regional area HQ after HOYA Holdings N.V. and HOYA Holdings, Inc., the area HQs for Europe and North America, respectively.

2001 May

HOYA launches HOYALUX Summit Pro and NuLux lenses that use EYRY, a high-index, plastic lens material.


HOYA begins manufacturing soft intraocular lenses.

2003 Jun.

HOYA establishes a company-with-committees system.


HOYA transfers its global financial management operations to an area HQ in Europe.

2005 Nov.

HOYA common stock splits four-for-one.

2007 Aug.

As a result of the Tender Offer, PENTAX became a consolidated subsidiary of HOYA.

2008 Mar.

HOYA and PENTAX merged.

2009 Mar.

HOYA terminated the Crystal business.

2010 Jun.

HOYA sold the hard disk glass media manufacturing operation.


Disclosed its consolidated financial statements in accordance with first-time adoption of IFRSs for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2010 on its web site.
(Voluntarily filed its consolidated financial statements under IFRS from the fiscal year ended March 31, 2011.)

2011 Oct.

HOYA sold PENTAX Imaging Systems business to Ricoh Company, Ltd.

2012 Apr.

Eyeglass business expanded its direct presence in Brazil by acquiring 100% shares of OPTOTAL HOYA LIMITADA.


Next generation High Definition (HD+) Endoscopic platform debuted.


HOYA, SEIKO and EPSON; Agreements executed in the field of optical products business.

2013 Feb.

HOYA acquired eyeglass lens development and manufacturing business from Seiko Epson Corporation.

  Jun. HOYA acquired 30% of the shares of Seiko Optical Products Co. Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of SEIKO Holdings Corporation responsible for the sales of the eyeglass-related products.
  Nov. HOYA acquired the majority shares of Wassenburg, a leading company in the field of endoscope reprocessing.
2014 Mar. Hoya completed the acquisition of a 50% stake in Seiko Optical Products that became a consolidated subsidiary.
  Jul. HOYA introduced newly developed optics glass blanks called "NRP".
2015 Mar. Hoya invested in SalutarisMD Wet AMD Therapy Technology.
  May PENTAX Medical launched Splash M-Knife, The New Multi-Functional ESD Device.
  Aug. Farewell Ceremony held for the Late Honorary Chairman Tetsuo Suzuki.
  Sep. PENTAX Medical invested in Creo Medical Ltd., a leading electrosurgical energy devices company in the U.K.
  Oct. HOYA reached agreement to acquire Swiss lens manufacturer Knecht & Muller AG.
  Oct. HOYA made Additional Investment in InnFocus, Inc., a Glaucoma Device Company.
2016 Mar. HOYA group headquarters relocated to the West Side of Shinjuku Station, Tokyo.
Sep. HOYA launches Yuniku, a global first in vision-centric,3D tailored eyewear.
Oct. Executed Definitive Agreement to Acquire Performance Optics, LLC and its subsidiaries.
Nov. PENTAX Medical Launch HemoStat WideCup, The New Bipolar Hot Hemostasis Forceps Cancer.

HOYA Vision Care acquired safety prescription eyewear business from 3M.
PENTAX Medical acquired C2 Therapeutics to expand Interventional Endoscopy Offering.

2017 Jan. PENTAX Medical Expands Interventional Endoscopy Offering with Acquisition of C2 Therapeutics.
Feb. HOYA Won Corporate Governance of the Year Grand Prize.
HOYA Group Certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management.
May HOYA Makes Medical Device Venture Investment in LensGen, Inc., an Accommodating Intraocular Lens Developing company.
Jun. C-PUS and speech synthesis business transferred from HOYA Service to HOYA Corporation.
Jul. PENTAX Medical and Chinese company Aohua Established Flexible Medical Endoscopy Joint Venture.
HOYA acquired Readspeaker, the leading cloud-base Text to Speech company.
HOYA Surgical Optics opened IOL manufacturing facility in Thailand.
Aug. HOYA completed the acquisition of Performance Optics Group including VISION EASE and Dameon.
2018 Jan. HOYA Surgical Optics Launched global research and development centre in Singapore.
2019 Jan. HOYA Surgical Optics acquired medical device companies: US-based Mid Labs and Germany-based Fritz Ruck.
2020 Jan. HOYA absorbed and merged HOYA CANDEO OPTRONICS Corporation.
Feb. HOYA Certified as an Excellent Enterprise of Health and Productivity Management for the forth consecutive year.
May HOYA Surgical Optics established a new joint venture with GeMax,a specialty promotion service provider of IOLs in China.
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