RINA/IMarEST Technical Presentation: Are Naval Architects More than Just Designers?

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Event name RINA/IMarEST Technical Presentation: Are Naval Architects More than Just Designers?
Start Date 2 Dec 2020 6:30 pm
Duration N/A

Presenter Rob Gehling (Royal Institution of Naval Architects)
Date Wednesday 2 December 2020
Time 6:30 pm AEDT
Meeting This presentation will be held as a video-conference webinar hosted by RINA using the Zoom platform.

Registration for the presentation is required (see below).

This presentation reflects the outcome of a Working Group led by the presenter which was established in May 2020 by the Institution’s Council to look into the roles and capabilities of naval architects.

The Chief Executive of the Naval Shipbuilding College, in his presentation to the Pacific 2019 International Maritime Conference, did not include naval architects in the list of vocations to be recruited by the College for implementation of the Naval Shipbuilding Program. When questioned, he claimed that naval architects were actually included as “designers”.

Accordingly, the current presentation relates particularly to the roles and capabilities undertaken by naval architects within the naval shipbuilding industry. The working group found that answering its terms of reference could, if undertaken to exhaustion, involve almost any aspect of our profession and the Institution. It therefore limited itself to:

  • defining the terms “naval architect” and “naval architecture”;
  • the self-identity of naval architects;
  • attempting to understand the roles and capabilities of naval architects as perceived by industry, employers and the public;
  • education of naval architects;
  • attracting the right students into the profession; and
  • career development.

The presentation is intended to obtain feedback on what specific actions should be taken in relation to the recommendations of the Working Group when they are considered in detail by the Institution’s Council in January. Your comments and discussion are invited.


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